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Progresses or Progressive Horoscope

With this program the prediction becomes Metaphysical! The program makes general predictions for years and months based on the axiom: one day after birth corresponds to one year of life. It is worth meditating on this metaphysical perception of analogy! One person's day of life corresponds to a macrocosmic scale with a rotation of the Earth around the Sun! It is difficult to conceive, let alone scientifically documenting it, and even more difficult to describe in words what you perceive at another higher level above your head, what, and how, that may be the case... And yet some we say that it is verified statistically and that is why it is never missing from the "tools" of the astrologer. For example, if I am born today and tomorrow the Moon is aspecting with a planet, what the aspect describes (to my parents of course) will most likely touch and affect me in some way, physical or otherwise, in a year. So with three clicks we have accumulated 24 years of predictions for our lives! For women mainly and especially for Cancers, we have in the same program and the forecast for 12 months to watch the Moon.

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See an example of a progressive horoscope made with this program