Astrology January 2021
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Birthday Horoscope

This birthday program differs from any other similar program you've ever used or seen anywhere else. This program works, thinks and calculates like a true astrologer and places the elements of the natal horoscope in the correct order to be read by the reader to better understand the meaning of all that is written in its pages.

This program uses artificial intelligence, that is, it contains in the correct order, all the primary and secondary parameters used by a real astrologer to make a birthday analysis.

This can be seen by everyone directly by seeing in the first place the order in which the aspects are placed, that is, for each subject separately, we first read the strongest aspect, after the second, and so on. Until the end of the analysis. Topics are classified according to Alan Leo's classic way, plus many secondary information, e.g. Asteroids, which had not yet been discovered at the time of the Leo, but also additional information on the very traditional astrology writings, gathered from many different sources.

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