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When will we finally get rid of the coronavirus?

Costas Tolis

The coronavirus with the eyes of astrology.

The coronavirus first appeared in 2020, when Saturn from Capricorn began to form a Square with Uranus in Taurus, and began to become dangerous and "show its teeth" from February 2020, when the deviation of the face of it began to become more and more accurate and below 7 degrees.

Saturn symbolizes death, while Uranus symbolizes the unexpected and the sudden; both in Earth signs, which mean real dangerous situations and not imaginary ones.

The face relaxed from June to December 2020, and governments relaxed measures during that time.

If we accept that the above is not accidental and coincidences ... :) then we can say when our sufferings from the coronavirus will end.

In September 2021 the upper face will relax its intensity again, but for a very short time this time, as from October 2021 it will be reshaped and will hold this time until March 2022.

From March 2022 until June it will relax, but it will have one last reappearance from July until the end of 2022, which will mean the final end of the face and the overcoming of the corona virus, as a global threat.

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