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Solar and Lunar Returns, how to do it

Costas Tolis

Read here how to make Solar and Lunar Returns with our programs.

1 - Go to Prediction for All and run it near the next Return you are interenting for, for 9 hours in the begining and minutes later, until you find the Sun or the Moon, at the same degrees, minutes and seconds, they have at the natal horoscope of the person.

2 - Go to Enter data of birth and residence give the Name and put the date, time and place you find before at the "Prediciton for All" program.

3 - Then go to Natal Horoscope, choose the Name with the New Date/Time/Place you entered for Return, mark the type of Return, and you have the First Part of the Return you're interesting for.

4 - Go to Transits, choose the person but with the normal birth data this time and beside put the time you find at "Predictions for All" program. Mark the type of Return and you have the Second Part of the Return you're interesting for.

admin 2019-11-09 03:50:19 (UT)

The links above works only for registered and active members.

But ONLY Professional members have the option to choose file types of interpretations, instead of natal or transits respectively.
And ONLY Professional members can also change the titles of their analysis to look like Solar or Lunar Returns and not like natal or transits.

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