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Mark Twain, Natal Horoscope

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2020-03-11 08:01:09 From: admin. Index: Astrology

Read for Mark Twain 30-11-1835 04:45 Village-of-Florida-US-Missouri Full Natal Horoscope Analysis

Natal Horoscope 1
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Full Natal Horoscope Analysis

NameMark Twain
Birthday30 / 11 / 1835
Birth time04:45:00
Birth PlaceVillage-of-Florida-US-Missouri


The real purpose of Astrology is to serve as a guide to physical life. Astrology students are convinced that this is a perfect study system in which self-knowledge can be achieved. The author believes that the character is destiny and that we, in past lives, we weave the web of destiny with our own thought, and now, in a similar way we weave the fabric of our future horoscope. Every sin is the result of ignorance, so to know ourselves means to become wiser and thus to dominate the destiny. Every fate, good or bad, was originally made up of our own thoughts and actions and has its roots in our character. The horoscope is the indicator of the Divine Law in practice and therefore helps us to discover a great part of our destiny.

* * *

Rising Sign or Ascendant

Ascendant Scorpio at 09°42'29''

At the time of your birth, Scorpio was rising up, a sign that belongs to the element of water and the fixed property. It gives you a strong and strong character, positive and decisive. Generally, you know what you want and are clear and emphatic to your ideas and opinions. Indecision does not usually belong to the defects of this sign. You are brave and courageous, and you do not avoid disagreement or controversy when it comes before you. You are self-sufficient and you do not avoid the responsibilities. You have intense appearances and delusions, both for people and ideas, and you do not easily change your opinions or habits in life. You have great willpower and although your feelings, emotions or passions can sometimes affect you strongly, you have great stamina and perseverance, and you can work hard for long until you achieve your goals. You have enough pride and dignity and you are able to express great anger if one of them is hurt. If you turn your attention in this direction, you will be able to display remarkable executive ability and become a good and practical worker. You are a good fighter and the critical, sarcastic and analytical aspect of your nature is active. You are intelligent and resourceful, sometimes steep and emphatic to the ways, and you are not interfering with those who differ from you. You are ambitious and despotic. You have some inclination to things, hidden, strange and secrets. You tend to be secretive, deep, withdrawn, mysterious, regenerate or degenerate, reserved, hard to understand, courageous, willful, persistent, stubborn in thought, creative, self- reliant, self-controlled (except perhaps with the passions), and silent. This is a power house rising sign. It represents the battleground where the higher and lower selves must come to mortal combat. They must be aligned and the lower self eventually must die and give way to and obey the higher self, the God within. Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels are all involved. You appear calm on the surface, but you can be extremely emotional inside. "Still waters run deep", as they say. You tend to be the silent type, always wanting to know others motivations, but never disclosing your own. You love to play the detective or the ferret. You have to know everything, all the how's and why's. You have great determination and strength, enough to overcome any adversary, even yourself. You need to overcome resentment, possessiveness and jealousy. There may be a fascination, preoccupation, interest and or ability with the occult, death, sex or healing. You can be a devil or an angel, the eagle or the stinging scorpion. Spiritual lesson to learn: Forgiveness. Mars and Pluto rule Scorpio so Mars and Pluto will be important in your chart. Luck: Good luck due to practical implementation capacity you have. Professions that could prove lucrative for you are: medicine, surgery, chemistry, army, navy, engineer, worker in metals, winemaker, butcher, practical scientific research. Possible money from inheritance or cooperation. Ruler: Mars. The planet Mars is the ruler of Aries and Scorpio and is in exaltation in Capricorn. It is the planet of fire, energy and expansion. It offers you behavior impatient, energetic, impulsive and spontaneous. You love freedom and independence and can not suffer confinement, restriction or delay. Honest, fans of honesty, bravery and courage, physical and moral. You have a lot of confidence and you are usually able to easily pull off, being fast in words and in deeds. You must be careful not to be too hasty and stubborn, because you probably tend towards aggression and stubbornness and thus is likely to create several problems yourself. You have enough pride, which easily hurt and you can not stay calm and restrained when your cause. You are an active and energetic person and you can do a lot in a short time. It's in your nature to become very capable and practical world, whether practice a little self-discipline. Second Ruler: Pluto. Under the influence of Pluto, become revolution-Aries-, seers, innovators, propagandists, public figures and exploiters. It brings to the surface all the passions, to show you the result you create with hard facts and help you to realize and be reborn with new values, nor imagine that you have them ingrained in you. So the coward he discovers that it is possible, the mercenary that is nothing really lonely and love that leads to camaraderie.

Aspects Ascendant

5.02 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 2 at 7 ** Very weak.

Jupiter Trine Ascendant

You tend to be social, optimistic, enthusiastic, open-minded and tolerant. People are naturally attracted to you because they feel that you are good to them or at least that you will help them whenever they need help. You are a friend of amusements and are keen to accumulate knowledge on a wide range of subjects.

Ruler Mars at 2 House

This brings to the forefront the economic issues and everything related to money and acquisitions. You will be dealing with financial issues - whether you will be interested in financial matters, or will be forced by conditions. Generally speaking, this position is too lucky and implies ability to earn money through employment or people denoted by the planet and the sign in which it is located. This position of the governor increases to some extent the power of will and the emotional or thymic nature.

Mars at 12°57'06'' Sagittarius

You are aspiring, enterprising, idealistic, and forever following some bright and distant star, planning some new venture or investigating new potentials that will expand your horizons. You are a rolling stone. You aim high and are not content simply with a quiet, secure existence. You like to stretch your limits, to see how far you can go, and to take risks. You are a positive thinker, expect success for yourself, and are philosophical about failures. You are flexible and bounce back from disappointment rather quickly, usually with another hopeful new idea you want to try. Your enthusiasm and confidence are contagious and enable you to enlist the aid and support you need for your projects. However, you sometimes promise more than you can actually deliver, due to over-optimism or insufficient attention to the practicalities involved. You also tend to get distracted and sometimes have too many things going at once. Although it may be very difficult for you, there are times when you must simply develop and show commitment, perseverance, and persistence in order to make your dreams and goals a concrete reality. Too often you fall short of what you could attain because you are unwilling to persist through the difficult or less exciting times. You also enjoy competition and usually do not take it too seriously. You tend to be friendly, optimistic, impulsive, enthusiastic, independent and argumentative. You may be an active traveler. Your energies need to be used in physical outlets and you may be an athlete. You have a tendency to exaggerate. You may also have strong religious and philosophic convictions and can go "crusading" if you feel the cause is just. On the negative side you may be sharp-tongued, quarrelsome, disagreeable, self-righteous, verbose, intolerant, and dishonest. This gives you fire and energy that can be expressed both mentally and emotionally and take the form of impulse, zeal, and excitement. Sometimes they are dragging you away and you can follow an idea or desire far too far or get to extremes when pursuing a purpose. You need restraint, moderation and prudence. You have the courage of your ideas and opinions, which are not always the same as others - but, it is your natural tendency to follow your path with all the consequences. This position, as far as religion is concerned, makes the person a little unorthodox or too active, dedicated and perhaps a little fighter in behavior. You are fast and active workers, but you tend to change. You take up many issues or scatter your actions too much. It favors travel and change of views, occupation and residence, as well as life in the countryside, horseback riding, walking and sports. But there may be risks during trips and disagreements with siblings or separation from them. It is possible a trial and disagreements or controversies.

Aspects Mars

0.01 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 7 at 7 ******* Very Powerful.

Pluto Trine Mars

You believe in yourself and the missions you undertake. You have a strong sense of self-confidence and will power that will not admit defeat. You know what you want and how to go about getting it in the most constructive manner. You are a natural leader and people look to you to show them the way. You have strong opinions and are not afraid to voice them or to stand up for what you believe. You are interested in making reforms when something could be made better. You have the drive, the stamina and the persistence to succeed at anything you desire. Sometimes you can become so engrossed in a project that you are unable to quit, even when you are physically worn out. You need to listen to your physical body and stop before you are exhausted. Your ego is strong but you are usually understated about it as you do not always need to be the center of attention. You like to be in total control of your life and prefer to be the leader in any situation. Since this is not always possible, you may need to learn how to cooperate and compromise better. You like the unknown and the mysterious and want to get to the bottom of things. You want answers. Issues of life after death may be particularly interesting to you. Perhaps one of the healing arts is of significance to you. For all you know, perhaps you have healing ability. You are a natural detective and ferret and you can size up people and situations accurately and relatively quickly. Little escapes your notice. You prefer depth rather than breadth. You do not care to fight verbally, but will if necessary. Although you may control your anger quite well, when you do lose your temper, it is very explosive. This means that you are a creative person, you know you are struggling for your goals and supporting your positions without being offensive or aggressive. Your power to discover the hidden secrets of others gives you the ability to offer great help to people with psychological problems. In love matters you will do well because you have a special mastery in the way you express your sexuality. This aspect gives you the ability to keep secrets, to practice some secret work and to keep a revolutionary and progressive attitude of life.

2.62 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 5 at 7 ***** Strong.

Moon Trine Mars

You have a lot of energy and vitality and this aspect adds to your good health and emotional well-being. You are assertive and you face your difficulties in a direct, no-nonsense sort of way. You do not brood about your problems, you simply go ahead and try to eliminate them by working through them. You do not have much sympathy for others who will cry about their troubles and not try to do something about them. You have learned to use your emotions and desires along positive and constructive lines. You do not get ill very often and when you do you have excellent recuperative powers. You have a lot of enthusiasm and spark and people like being around you because you give them energy. You are resourceful and courageous and willing to take calculated risks. The opposite sex finds you attractive and fun- loving. This aspect will make you fearless, bold and courageous. You can show great courage and endurance, being decisive and with that self-confidence that makes you capable of dealing successfully with others. You are perfectly capable of undertaking anything you think. It is a very favorable aspect, provided that you are not overly open and generous, because then you may be tempted to become rather wasteful or exaggerated. This aspect strengthens and stimulates your body, making you able to withstand the diseases. It also makes you bright and joyful, improving your behavior.

5.39 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 2 at 7 ** Very weak.

Sun Conjunction Mars

When the Sun and the planet Mars are in Synod, there will be a controversy between your will and your desires during your life, as the Sun represents the will and Mars desires. This will be felt through passion or anger, caused by hyperactivity of vitality sometimes and through periodic fevers that cause a very hot condition in the blood, stimulating you in impulsiveness or exaggeration of feelings. Although it can give you courage and some strength, it is not a desirable meeting, unless great self-control is exercised, and it depends entirely on you, whether Will or Will prevails. The sovereign and administrative element is strong within you and that gives you great character strength and the ability to command or control others. You are full of vitality, energy and power of life. You have a relentless will that does not allow you to stop or fail. You are dynamic, active, courageous and passionate. You have a strong physical drive expressed through passion and sexuality or through creative businesses. You have a racing spirit and a desire to compete, above anything. Your magnetic personality pulls people near you. There is a risk that you will try to do so much to get exhausted. Take some time to rest along the road and you will find that you have achieved more by taking periodic breaks. You are driven by your desire to create, either in your business or in your personal life. You have a winning spirit and the will to win, no matter the odds. There is impulse, high energy, speed and intensity. But all this energy needs control, discipline and proper funneling to be a constructive force. That's what you have to learn to do. Use your will to direct action on constructive channels. You tend to be dialectical and fighting. Physical exercise is important to you so you can get rid of the stress that creates all this energy. This aspect favors situations where strength and muscular exercise are required. Along with all of this you tend to be selfish and think only of your own needs. Your interests are much more important than anyone else. Try to have a little more awareness and the needs of others than yours. With such powerful energies at work, you may have difficulty being humble and modest. Do not let your selfishness escape control. Remember also that "pride goes before the fall". Health This appearance may cause vision problems, which will appear from childhood. I think it's good to avoid any kind of upsetting and maybe, in some times of your life, you'll need to watch out for accidents. Before you undergo any surgery, you need to think about it very carefully and you should also watch out for fire and firearms. You are by nature prone to feverish illnesses and generally tend to be overly frivolous. You are wasting your energy and you can endanger your life through some of your overdue activities. This looks like a volcano that is simmering and dangerous, so you should never be afraid. As there is a risk that your blood rises to your head and you may become faint. When you feel unbearably pressed and angry, take slow and deep breaths until you calm down completely.

Second Ruler Pluto at 6 House

This is a good place if you are a worker, in a senior or a lower position. You may have others to work under your supervision and you will be able to handle and organize them effectively. But often, this position indicates someone who performs better, rather than serving, rather than when he commands, and who is more fortunate when working with someone else as a manager or affiliate or holding a position under someone else than when he works alone of. This applies both to businesses and to the profession. Sometimes a government official may have this position or someone working in a big business or who, in some way, is not the only master of himself. It is likely that your health will be adversely affected by such an influence and somewhat delay your prospects or bring you mishaps.

Pluto R at 12°57'46'' Aries

Pluto is where we can go to extremes. Aries is where we take action. This makes for self-involved people who are prone to take extreme action. When you grew up, you became a very optimistic, can-do person. This position gives you deep instinct and inspiration. You may be struggling for a major change in your life.

Aspects Pluto

1.77 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 6 at 7 ****** Very Strong.

Jupiter Square Pluto

You may need to learn to better respect other people's opinions, beliefs and viewpoints. Others at times think you are too full of yourself. Practicing a bit more humility would draw people closer to you. You have executive ability and know how to get things done. It's just that you may not be sensitive enough to other people's needs or enough aware of what you are asking them to do. It is important to you to believe that you are always right. This agitates others because no one can be right all the time, and that is the impression they have of you - that you think you are always right. Be open-minded regarding the suggestions and ideas of others. Admit that you may not know it all and that there is room for further discovery. Be tolerant, avoid fanatical ideas and expression, and help those around you by using your power and leadership abilities to serve others rather than for simply gratifying your ego. This shows that you are a person in need of imposing power but also on a permanent basis unsatisfied, perhaps due to impractical - sometimestimes - goals. If you can not get administrative offices, you are suppressing your immediate environment.

2.61 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 5 at 7 ***** Strong.

Moon Conjunction Pluto

A very strong aspect, it brings you a lot of changes in life, and although you can overcome the difficulties, you are tired easily because you have to try hard and work hard in your life. When you love, you want to protect yourself, but because you express your emotions intensely and passionately, you become sovereign and oppressive. You have an intense, yet hidden emotional nature and you crave intense emotional experiences. You are very volatile and like a volcano, one minute you seem quite peaceful and the next you are exploding with great force and unexpected fury. The intensity of these reactions often surprises even you. You tend to be emotionally fanatical about the people and things you care about. At times your feelings and desires can be so overwhelming that you do things against your own better judgment and reason. You have the tendency to be very manipulative and controlling, often in a most subtle way. You like wielding your power. Your personal relationships are very emotional, passionate and often stormy and painful as well. There can be feelings of jealousy and possessiveness which threaten to ruin all your partnerships. You must get these feelings under control. Likewise, there may be very compulsive or obsessive behavior or desires in your relationships, either exhibited by you or by your partner. You have sensitive, emotional energy which causes sudden emotional upheavals, usually over trivial matters. You are a hard and dedicated worker who has a great deal of endurance, inner strength and stamina. You have the ability to get right to the heart of the matter and figure out what is wrong or what is causing the difficulty. You love to analyze other people's problems and you make an effective counselor. You have a strong force of will and a never-say-die attitude. There may be interest in death or life after death. You must learn not to force your feelings and emotions on those closest to you. They have a right to feel whatever they want, same as you.

5.40 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 2 at 7 ** Very weak.

Sun Trine Pluto

You are very confident and have great faith and trust in your own abilities. You believe that you can survive anything that life throws your way. You expect to conquer any obstacle, problem or bad habit that you may have. Your willpower is very strong and you have the necessary self-control and self-discipline to go with it that practically guarantees success in life. You have tremendous inner resources, strength and stamina. You use all these potent talents to help reform the things around you that need changing. You stand up for your rights as well as for the rights of others. You have leadership qualities and executive skills. People look to you to show them the way. You are very intense and pursue your goals with complete dedication and singleness of purpose, almost to the point of compulsion or fanaticism. You find it difficult to respect people who are weak-willed or those who avoid confronting their lives and problems head-on. You feel in charge of your own destiny and you believe that is the way it should be. You have the intuitive perception to see right through things and get to the heart of the matter. You recognize your need to dissolve negative attitudes and thought patterns and you go about this in the same way that you go about everything else - with intensity, focus and concentration. You are a winner and people instinctively feel this when around you. This shows that your will is in harmony with your sexuality, which in simple terms means that you are good at love and especially in sexual act. It also gives you remarkable creative gifts and abilities. You tend to free yourself from ties and borders, and easily remove what you do not want. There is the possibility of playing a higher role in a rebellion. Also, this aspect gives you good health and "quick recovery" ability, both in psychological and physical illnesses. You have an impressive personality that never goes unnoticed, because you express eroticism and self-confidence.

Planets in House 1

Mercury at 1 House

This will highlight the mental characteristics - it will make you quick in spirit, sharp and penetrating, with gifts in writing and speaking, ready and versatile in the answers. Also, sometimes, prone to some exaggeration and some sarcasm. It will make you mentally enthusiastic and when you are under the influence of intense feeling, you will be rather affable. You are smart and have a slim spirit and an exceptional power to adapt to situations. But you should avoid anxiety and indiscipline and exercise control over your thoughts. This influence will make you competent writers with a very fertile mind that is original and inventive. You are adaptable, clever, inquisitive, eloquent, witty, and perhaps high-strung. You want to know something about a lot of things. Your speeches and writings reflect your own personal opinions. You may have jittery nerves which keep your body slim, but which could cause nervous disorders. You love talking about what interests you.

Mercury at 18°45'43'' Scorpio

You have excellent mental concentration and the ability to become completely immersed in your work. You love ferreting things out and are a natural detective. Your mind may dwell on the sensual side of life and may think about sex or death often. You seem to know things at an instinctive, nonverbal level and prefer learning through direct experience or apprenticeship rather than vicariously via books or lectures. You have mechanical ability and work well with your hands. You may develop healing ability through your hands. You are quick- witted, resourceful, shrewd, direct, sharp-tongued, and will readily say what is on your mind, in a most stinging manner. You enjoy satire and other forms of critical humor. You want to know everything while at the same time disclosing nothing to no one. You have the ability to penetrate beneath the surface of problems and people and really understand them. You have abundant manual dexterity with the ability to repair anything. On the negative side, you can be stubborn, quarrelsome, skeptical, cynical, headstrong, and always holding the opposite views to others. There is interest in the occult. This will create a tendency to be somewhat positive, stubborn and unreliable. But, you may be overwhelmed by exaggerated enthusiasm for any assumption you take and with great reservations or hatred for some real or fantastic injustice. You are smart and active in the mind, somewhat sarcastic, and you may have a readiness to speak. You like secrecy and you will never miss tact and diplomacy, because you have a mind capable of understanding the mysteries. This position gives you some physical skill and makes you original and fertile in concepts, capable of inventing or discovering. You should follow a training of thought with great concentration.

Aspects Mercury

4.02 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 3 at 7 *** Weak.

Jupiter Trine Mercury

You have an optimistic and hopeful outlook on life. You are interested in learning and education is important to you. You have a knack for making long-range plans and you are blessed with good judgment. Travel is beneficial for you and you enjoy doing it as it broadens your outlook and increases your awareness and understanding. You like working with the big picture and you are not particularly good at or fond of detailed work. You'd rather leave that to someone else. You are a fine speaker and can sell almost anything to anyone. People instinctively trust you and know that you have their best interests at heart. You are an upstanding, moral and generous person who would not intentionally deceive or hurt anyone. You enjoy thinking about abstract subjects such as philosophy and religion. Occasionally you may embellish your stories and exaggerate your experiences to impress an audience. You know how to keep a conversation interesting because you have a wonderful sense of humor. You quickly and thoroughly learn any subject that interests you. You have the ability to see both sides of an argument and you are accomplished at compromise. You are tolerant of the faults of others and you rarely hold a grudge - life's too short, you figure. You love discussion and debate because it gives you a chance to exchange viewpoints and ideas. You would be well- suited to broadcasting work, sales, advertising, publishing, diplomacy, law, consulting, business or almost any professional career. This aspect helps to ensure success in life because you are always positive and will keep working hard regardless of obstacles. You are saved by your faith. This is one of the best aspects that can occur in a horoscope regarding the mind. You are gifted with an extraordinary crisis and you have a broad intellect, which is philosophical, insightful and harmonious. You are tolerant towards the opinions of others and you like everything that is pure and conscientious. You have a true spirit of devotion. All you need to widen it is the right environment and your imagination to bring you into the subjective or inner world because you have the ability to mentally perceive that: "The Kingdom of God within you is," as well as, That true peace comes from within. You are optimistic, but with a lack of sense of criticism, which means that your judgment is right, but you have to be careful about how to express it to others, because not all people stand, to the same extent the truth . You are always happy with your opinion and you have some lack of ambition. You will have success if you decide to become a teacher, or a writer, especially if you are dealing with philosophical issues, or if you are dealing with the judiciary. You are awesome and you have the ability to tackle your problems globally and you usually know from the beginning what you are going to do on every issue. You have travel opportunities and you can learn many foreign languages. You have a pleasant, humorous and spirited mind and you will have successes through its use.

* * *


Sun at 07°33'33'' Sagittarius

You tend to be idealistic, optimistic, dependable, open- minded, friendly, honest and versatile. But, you can also be tactless, irresponsible, showy, boastful, self-righteous, arrogant, quarrelsome, fanatical, dogmatic and dictatorial. You like any work where foresight and a willingness to take a chance is offered, while at the same time, you try to avoid detailed work. You are usually outspoken, sometimes to the point of bluntness. Simply blurting out your ideas and opinions is due to their never-ending search for truth and wisdom. Others think you are pretty tactless and the statement that "truth hurts" fits your way of thinking. Regardless of your undiplomatic remarks, others instinctively feel as if you means you no real harm and is only interested in raising their consciousness. You love the outdoors, large animals, nature and sports. Some times you have reckless gambling tendencies and will bet it all on the drop of a hat. Travel and even long walks appeal to you because they make you feel free - and you needs to feel free. You are philosophical and you want to understand the deeper issues and abstractions of life. You have a certain faith in higher things that generally always keeps you of an optimistic bent, no matter what difficulties are currently besetting you. You want to understand the meaning of life. This helps to keep you growing and expanding, which is something you need to do. This desire for expansion can cause you to overextend yourselves with too many activities and to use up your energy too rapidly. You need to take intervals of rest to recuperate between projects. You need to learn how to concentrate on your current projects and stick with them to the end. Always full of enthusiasm, you tend to show it more at the start of new endeavors, then it tends to lessen as the project goes along and gets stuck in details, or the going gets a little rough, or it simply gets a little boring. Although you are ordinarily healthy, you can run into trouble due to overindulgence in food and drink. You are known for your friendliness, helpfulness and subtle humor. You are good conversationalists and enjoy debating merely for the sake of debating. You have a real gift for making friends and you can go anywhere in the world without ever feeling lonely, for you acquire friends along the route. You have humanitarian instincts and are practical in expressing them. You will tend to help anyone who is in need. Others can usually depend on your loyalty and honesty, for there is nothing devious or manipulative in your nature. You are extremely independent and restless, with a real need for personal freedom. You can experience claustrophobia, either physical or emotional. This is why you are reluctant to get into total commitment situations and often shy away from marriage. In love, you are highly romantic, but you need your partner to be intelligent and communicative. You hate jealousy and possessiveness on the part of your partner, especially since you are fond of flirting. You enjoy the chase more than the capture. Careerwise, you are reluctant to become tied down to a set schedule, so will experiment with a variety of jobs. You do best in careers that permit you to travel about, either locally or widely. You also like dealing directly with people, either selling or promoting ideas, products, etc. You may overlook small details, but your overall sense of planning is excellent. You have good memories. The challenge of a problem is what interests you, for it caters to your enjoyment in exploring the unknown. Playing games comes easily to you and it is the journey you enjoy rather than the destination. You who have the Sun in Sagittarius, are insightful, prophetic, self-sufficient, humble, optimistic and happy, though somewhat anxious, overactive, and sometimes overly naughty, straight and categorical. If you do not pay attention, you can say and express more than you would be wise. You are very honest and honest, generous and loyal to those with whom you relate. You always seek to be philosophical, but you need to add some scientific knowledge as a solid foundation to all your thoughts and actions. You have a religious spirit and you are devoted to those you love.

Aspects Sun

5.92 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 2 at 7 ** Very weak.

Neptune Sextile Sun

You are imaginative and quite sensitive to the conditions with which you surround yourself. You love the colorful, the beautiful, the musical and the magical. You are attracted to metaphysics and want to understand the deeper truths of life. You feel connected to the whole universe and feel rapport with all living creatures. You are sympathetic, compassionate and caring and will always go out of your way to help someone in need. In order to be fulfilled you need to express yourself through some creative pursuit, either art, music, photography, dance or drama. You tend to be very idealistic, a bit romantic, and at times somewhat impractical. You are filled with many ideas and much inspiration and with a little effort you could bring all your dreams and fantasies into reality. In previous lifetimes you have started the work of developing your psychic potential into concrete abilities and you may continue that work in this life by serving those around you who need your help. You are able to contact your Higher Self for wisdom, truth and guidance. You have a love of art, music and painting and you appreciate refinement and high ideals. You may have visions and dreams that you do not understand. Because of your extreme sensitivity, you tend to avoid direct confrontation with others. You are blessed with a certain ethereal charm and magnetism. This shows that the effect of this mysterious planet is conducive to your spiritual development, and you may see that greater conscious enlargement comes from experiences that you have too much difficulty in describing to others. The real paradoxes of life will appear more or less in your consciousness, and some truths that can be expressed in the form of paradox will have a special significance and reality for you if you can get to the upper face of this influence. You are lucky, with the general meaning of the term (although you may not think of yourself as such) and as a rule you will be liked by others. You must, however, be careful that the sensual aspect of life does not dominate you. You also have creative imagination, artistic abilities, inspiration and courtesy, delicacy and romance. Pay attention to the weaknesses of your fellow human beings and you like to join groups that are involved in raising the standard of living.

* * *


Moon at 15°34'35'' Aries

Adaptability and inconstancy in your efforts to initiate are present here. Frequent emotional upheavals due to a fiery temper are possible. Patience is not your strong suit and if things don't happen the way you want, and now, well, you can go off like a bolt of lightning. Your tendency is to be spontaneous, temperamental, impetuous, headstrong and you dislike restraint. You are very direct in thought, action, and speech and everyone knows how you feel. You pull no punches. You can be a very bossy individual if you do not try to control your moods. A desire to be in the limelight or in charge of things is present. You hate showing any personal weakness or that you need any support, comfort, or nurturing from others. Your enthusiasm for starting new projects is contagious and you are probably a better starter than a finisher. You are adventurous, courageous, and independent. You don't like complainers and are always ready to meet any challenge. A fair amount of physical activity is good for you so you can work off those moods you get into once in a while. You have a creative, flamboyant personality that likes to trail-blaze in unusual ventures. Perhaps your accomplishments cover inferiority feelings that lie beneath the surface. This position will give your personal character a materialistic and rather aggressive attitude. It increases your personal independence and makes you self-reliant, revolutionary against power, with a tendency to drive, control and lead the way. It gives you a prudent mental, lively, obscene and observant nature. You are ambitious, categorical and fully aware of your abilities. But if you do not cultivate self-control, you will have an irritable and irresistible temper, insisting on imposing your own in every way and at all costs. It will do you good if you deepen tolerance and avoid excesses. Also beware of impulsive speech and hasty action.

Moon at 6 House

The Moon in the Sixth House shows that your most important experiences will come through psychic things. You are consistent in the execution of any special project that puts you under your responsibility but you do it better under the guidance of a stronger influence from yours. Sometimes you are undecided and oscillating and because of this you may miss opportunities. Your health will suffer because of this position and will give you up when you need it, possibly because of overwork or anxiety because they affect the mind and reflect on the body. You will gain more through ordinary jobs than with those who are prominent or superior. Many joys and sorrows will come from your bottom.

Aspects Moon

0.84 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 7 at 7 ******* Very Powerful.

Jupiter Square Moon

You are prone to overindulge yourself physically, emotionally and financially. You have a light, cheerful disposition and enjoy reaching out to others in a warm, open and friendly way. Your emotional generosity and lack of pettiness is appreciated by your friends and they often come to you seeking help, sympathy or advice. You overlook the faults in others and treat people in a very tolerant, non- judgmental way. You are a happy-go-lucky person who is not prone to worry. There are times when you overdo your charity. You try to do too much for people and this can sometimes be as bad as or worse than not doing enough. You need to learn how to control your intense emotions. You have a great deal of trouble in controlling your feelings in your relationships with others. You may be saddled with an erratic type of nervous energy that doesn't know when to stop until you have completely exhausted yourself physically and emotionally. Your life may seem to be one of constant, frantic haste. There is a tendency to put on weight through overindulgence of the appetite. Your philosophies or religious beliefs may be tested at some point in your life. Your optimism about finance allows overindulgence. There is a challenge presented here and that is in learning to dissolve your pride. You have an internal fear about facing any negative traits in your personality. This emotional fear can be overcome by developing a good philosophy of life and by recognizing that everyone has imperfections. There may be impaired reasoning ability, trouble through litigation, lack of forethought, indecision or dishonesty. You may be much too fond of ostentatious display, extravagant beyond your means and resources and prone to take wild chances in gambling or speculation. This aspect will not allow the beneficial planet Jupiter to give you his blessing for which he is known. It tends to lose some way and either through exaggeration or by inattention, you will have a financial loss or difficulty in getting as much money as you want. You must be very careful in all your dealings with others because you risk being felled or suffer from accusations by others. That's why you always deal with others in the most direct way, avoiding relationships with people you can not trust. Also, this look makes you somewhat lazy, you enjoy too much fun and you have a glory in gambling. Your mood changes easily, depending on the environment. You are too optimistic and you leave things to their fate, resulting in many mistakes. If you do not watch and do not cultivate self-control, you may experience legal problems, divorce and some liver disease. It is recommended that all things be tolerated.

6.12 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 1 at 7 * Too much weak.

Venus Trine Moon

You instinctively know how to make people feel appreciated, loved, cared for, accepted and secure. Your thoughtfulness and daily acts of kindness make you beloved by all. You enjoy good relationships with women. You are emotionally fulfilled through artistic expression, whether it be painting, poetry, music or singing. You have a love of beauty, harmony and luxury. This is reflected in the home you create for yourself and your loved ones. You do not like course language or bad manners. A liking for excessively sweet food or too much food should be controlled. A tendency to take the easy way out should be watched for and controlled also. You may be lazy at times. People love you because they sense that you really care about them. You are popular, well-liked and fun to be around. You love people in general and enjoy working with the public. You are gracious and attractive and make the most perfect host or hostess. You have learned how to balance your emotional needs so that you no longer have the desire to possess those you love. This promises you a successful transition from life and very good opportunities for success. You are sophisticated and artistic, have good taste and acute perception of everything that is good and beautiful. You are tender and so you attract those who bring happiness to your life and you will gain social success. You will never miss your friends, nor will you ever be poor. As long as this good look will exert its influence on you. The opposite hand will draw to you and help you in many ways. You like music and singing. Simply put, you are sweet and nice people, optimistic and cheerful, graceful and erotic. You create excellent relationships, become popular and you are socially social.


Sun Sagittarius - Moon Aries

The mixing of this influence suggests that you have great willpower, cognitive energy and you are very determined. You should never hurry, but do things at your own ease. Try to be more prudent and less active. You have to learn to overcome your energy and eagerness. Working in moderation makes you good, but there is a limit to physical endurance and this combination requires you to be careful of yourself. If you do not, you will suffer from a lot of difficulties and headaches. You have enough intelligence and if you avoid the excess, you will succeed in your life.

* * *

Mind Skills

Mercury at 18°45'43'' Scorpio

You have excellent mental concentration and the ability to become completely immersed in your work. You love ferreting things out and are a natural detective. Your mind may dwell on the sensual side of life and may think about sex or death often. You seem to know things at an instinctive, nonverbal level and prefer learning through direct experience or apprenticeship rather than vicariously via books or lectures. You have mechanical ability and work well with your hands. You may develop healing ability through your hands. You are quick- witted, resourceful, shrewd, direct, sharp-tongued, and will readily say what is on your mind, in a most stinging manner. You enjoy satire and other forms of critical humor. You want to know everything while at the same time disclosing nothing to no one. You have the ability to penetrate beneath the surface of problems and people and really understand them. You have abundant manual dexterity with the ability to repair anything. On the negative side, you can be stubborn, quarrelsome, skeptical, cynical, headstrong, and always holding the opposite views to others. There is interest in the occult. This will create a tendency to be somewhat positive, stubborn and unreliable. But, you may be overwhelmed by exaggerated enthusiasm for any assumption you take and with great reservations or hatred for some real or fantastic injustice. You are smart and active in the mind, somewhat sarcastic, and you may have a readiness to speak. You like secrecy and you will never miss tact and diplomacy, because you have a mind capable of understanding the mysteries. This position gives you some physical skill and makes you original and fertile in concepts, capable of inventing or discovering. You should follow a training of thought with great concentration.

Mercury at 1 House

This will highlight the mental features that will make you quick in spirit, sharp and penetrating, with writing and speech giving, ready and agile in answers. Also, sometimes, prone to some exaggeration and some sarcasm. It will make you mentally enthusiastic and when you are under the influence of intense feeling, you will be rather affable. You are smart and have a slim spirit and an exceptional power to adapt to situations. But you should avoid anxiety and indiscipline and exercise control over your thoughts. This influence will make you competent writers with a very fertile mind that is original and inventive.

* * *

Money, Property

Sun at 2 House

The Sun at the time of your birth governs issues related to economics. This promises you profits through jobs that are directly or indirectly related to the government, making you fit to take on any important position, either in the government or in a major corporation. The financial prospects are very favorable, you will win through your superiors and you may get sympathy for you to benefit financially. At some point in your life you can gain from speculation or a prudent investment. All the financial plans and programs you will deal with in any way will be large-scale. This influence favors a steady income, but I advise you to pay attention to the costs. You need to feel a strong sense of personal or self-worth. A desire for power through personal possessions, talents and money may engage your energies. Money comes and goes easily. You are generous and ambitious, but can be extravagant and grasping. You must watch a tendency to be possessive of or "lord over" people and things. If the Sun is afflicted by aspect, perhaps you do not feel loved or feel worthy of love.

Venus at 2 House

Venus has an influence on your horoscope's Second Home, this is very favorable with regard to your financial affairs in general and shows that you will have great success in all monetary matters. The themes governed by the planet Venus bring you luck and prosperity. Venus favors music, singing, fine arts and all those things that serve the satisfaction and happiness of others. You will be more or less fortunate in all your financial transactions and you will earn, either through your inheritance or through your profession, business, or an associate. It really does not matter in which direction you turn your attention to profit - you will always have great or little success. You attract money and personal possessions, especially when needed. You spend money as fast as you earn it, sometimes faster. Your hidden talents can be beneficial to others, if you apply yourself. Don't be afraid to work. Your money is used to buy beautiful, artistic, and or musical things. You like a certain amount of luxury to surround you. Money may come to you through a partner or relationship.

Venus at 21°41'48'' Sagittarius

In matters of love, you are looking for someone you can grow with, someone who can expand your world and your consciousness. You are attracted to someone who is fun-loving, playful, and open to adventure and new experiences. Traveling together, meeting new people and exploring new vistas is particularly enjoyable. People of foreign background and cultures enlarge your understanding of the world and yourself. You want to be able to share your dreams, aspirations and ideals with your mate. It is very important to you that you have a spiritual or intellectual rapport with your love partner, perhaps more important than the emotional - physical relationship. You are not especially sentimental and your partner may feel that you are too casual and not serious or romantic enough. You are sympathetic, kind, generous and optimistic. You idealize love. Always on the lookout for greener pastures, you may not stay long with a partner who doesn't help you to grow or provide you with enough excitement. You desire to share a love of God, expressed through religious devotion and a love of man, expressed through philanthropy and charity with the one you choose to love. This place gives imagination and love for the beautiful and polite. You will have a true inclination towards beauty, harmony, delicacy and you can cultivate it in various directions, through fine arts, music, poetry or literature. You like beauty in form, jewelery, fine clothes and paintings, and maybe you can make money in any employment that counts these abilities. Your sympathies are intense, romantic and generous, but you have some tendency to be volatile, careless and impulsive. There is a possibility for two erotic relationships or weddings. This position gives you enough dedication to the character, which can draw you towards a person, purpose or religion. You may travel a little, especially with your partner or after marriage. There is a risk of some tendency to show, projection, compatibility and typology.

Aspects Venus

5.16 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 2 at 7 ** Very weak.

Uranus Sextile Venus

You are very creative, intuitive, original, outspoken, and open in thought and emotion. You have a magnetic charm and sex appeal that attracts others to you. You enjoy surprises and anything that provides excitement to your life, including your relationships. You are independent and want a good deal of personal freedom in your involvements with others. Your ideas about love and romance are open and progressive and you are willing to try almost anything. You make and are drawn into unusual friendships with unusual sorts of people. Many people come and go into and out of your life and they are all there to test or challenge your values and your ability to change and to be flexible. They somehow fill unique needs within you. Same with friends - they come, but they go out of your life when they no longer fulfill a need. You have quite unusual ways of looking at things and you always seem to come up with clever solutions to the problems that are presented to you. Things happen to you quite suddenly, very much out of the blue. You cannot anticipate these events, you can only merely react to them. This is particularly true with love relationships. You will constantly receive exciting, unusual and unexpected events in your life which are of considerable assistance in your achieving both personal and soul growth. This influence is very favorable for all aspects of life that are in any way original and unconditional. You have some rather advanced opinions and especially about everything that is related to heart and feelings. There is a romantic trend within you that will manifest itself when you come across those who have enough magnetism to play with your feelings and influence the vibrations associated with erotic life. You will have sudden economic gains and maybe some unexpected travels, removals or changes may also happen in your life. In short, you are attractive and beautiful, you love art, you are original and social. Also, emotional, but free and tend to create relationships with different kinds of people.

Mars at 2 House

Mars ruled the House of Wealth (2nd House), although it is in many ways favorable, it is at the same time unfavorable due to the nature of Mars, which has a much wasting tendency. You will gain through others in some way either by will or by inheritance, or also through partners and associates. But you have to wait for losses because of your own or someone else's exaggeration. You tend to be very careless at times on financial matters and you should never borrow money without guarantee, otherwise you will lose them. Generally, you can prosper because you have the ability to make quick money, and you will find great joy and satisfaction in earning money. Much energy and action will be expended with respect to money, personal possessions and resources. You may have trouble controlling your spending habits and are likely to be an impulsive shopper. Saving is probably not your strength, but you should try to improve your savings ability. You might sometime need it for that rainy day. Money may come and go in order to de-emphasize its importance. Concentrate on developing your talents instead.

Mutable Sign in beginning of 2 House

A Variable Signature governs your horoscope's Financial House and this indicates that your financial affairs probably vary more or less in your life. You will have more than one way of earning income, although this is not one of the best influences that govern economic well-being. You will be earning money more easily through day-to-day, insignificant jobs, be it business or profession, but you will most likely miss out on financial opportunities either because of indecision or because you will be dealing with something that you are not suitable for. Your mind, in a way, is very busy with your financial affairs, and you worry and worry too much about money issues. Generally speaking, you will gain more when you do not seek to distinguish yourself excessively through business or investment of indifferent, fuzzy or ordinary nature.

2 House Sagittarius at 12°15'33''

The 2nd House in Sagittarius: earnings from exports, from teaching. A property that grows in the mature age or that the individual can risk in trials.

Jupiter Ruler of Sagittarius

Jupiter rules your horoscope's Second Home, bringing good luck to finance issues. You will never be poor and with the right action you can accumulate wealth. Because Jupiter is the most prosperous planet, he promises the best of luck in relation to the issues he is in charge of, in this case the economics. You can earn through businesses that are related to abroad or travel, also from occupations related to land, food, shelter, clothes and things they need for the comfort of others. Beneath any beneficial directions to the benefactor Jupiter you will have a great success in life, winning through heritage or offerings and by people pleasing or rich or through them. You have the ability to be financially successful. Money seems to come to you and you have probably never missed a meal in your life. You have confidence and optimism in your talents and abilities. Your visionary ideas and investments usually prosper due to your intuitive appraisal of situations. You enjoy material possessions and may be termed "lucky". You inspire trust in others and may benefit from receiving financial assistance from others in order to develop your visionary and idealistic ideas. You must guard against self- indulgence and over-extravagance. Curb your desire for rich, sweet food and desserts.

* * *

Communications, Short Journeys

Neptune at 3 House

Neptune occupies your horoscope's Third House, this shows that you will experience some strange experiences during a trip. You may be experiencing very peculiar mishaps. This is not a good or optimistic look for your relatives, because maybe some of them are strange characters, either good or bad, but difficult to understand. There are not enough things known to Neptune to be sure how his vibrations will work in every horoscope. For some, his nature is undoubtedly bad, and only those who are spiritually sophisticated can feel his influence on the affairs of the Third House. You are idealistic and artistic. Your mind soaks up information rather than acquiring it by brute force. Your ability to visualize and imagine is probably quite pronounced. Flashes of inspiration can come to you quite suddenly. There may even be traces of clairvoyance. Perhaps you have felt as if you could read people's minds? Concentration on book work may be difficult for you. Did you ever try sleeping with the book under your pillow? Possible karmic obligations to siblings or neighbors may need to be reconciled. Some feelings of insecurity may cause nervous disorders. You may have a tendency to be unreliable or negative. Avoid procrastination and idle day-dreaming. Avoid all negative psychic practices and drugs.

Neptune at 01°38'06'' Aquarius

This can make your imagination a little bizarre, but the idealism, that is your dream, is for you ideals of freedom and independence. This position gives you concentration, inspiration, spiritual goals and high ideals. Just watch the over-exerted ideals and do not waste your attention with chimeras and fantasies.

Aspects Neptune

0.80 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 7 at 7 ******* Very Powerful.

Saturn Square Neptune

There is a tendency to run away from your fears and responsibilities. This tendency may manifest in using drugs or in some other activity that allows you to escape reality. There may be fear of the unknown, fear of death or fear of God. You must understand that the only way to overcome fear is by facing it squarely. Remember that Achilles was only harmed when he turned away from his enemy. That is the only way he could get hit in the heel with the arrow. Face your problems head- on and do not ignore them, hoping they will go away. In time you may learn that suffering brings obedience and obedience brings relief and salvation. You may put too great an emphasis on accumulating money, power or material goods. This may cause you to lose sight of what is really important. Think upon the story of the man who gained the whole world yet lost his own soul. Examine your priorities and rearrange them if necessary. Material wealth cannot bring happiness and you may have to learn this the hard way. You may have difficulty trusting people. This may have come about because in a past life you were forced to lose all material possessions and community standing because you trusted or loved someone too well. Things like this are allowed to happen in order to teach us the unimportance of amassing large amounts of money or property and, instead, concentrate on accumulating treasure in heaven by doing good deeds without thought of reward. Build up treasure in heaven where neither moth nor rust destroy. Learn to enjoy and appreciate your material possessions and your achievements in society, but be willing to release them tomorrow. Detach! This aspect can also breed confusion, delusion, pride of intellect and fraud. You may lose your ambition for unknown reasons. Your desire to get away from the responsibilities of life may also have this effect on you. In a past life you perhaps misused your powers of leadership when you had very little compassion, sympathy or understanding. "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all things will be added unto you". This is an unusual and strange position and is likely to lead you to remarkable situations at some point in your life. It is a much higher vibration, in the true nature of which today's humanity can not hope to respond fully and much of its influence may pass over your head somehow without touching you. It is not at all favorable and seems to indicate that there are some "hocks", we would say, in the inner nature, that time and circumstances will appear - or, perhaps, never bear fruit in this life and remain completely unnoticed. You should always pay attention to the most subtle forms of selfishness, which are particularly likely to be tortured. In relation to this position, there is always a tendency to melancholy. In other words, you have insecurities. Your thoughts and ideas are excellent, but you are afraid to implement them and hang on from others to help. Draw from dynamic people but get as easily as you can.

Basic Sign in beginning of 3 House

Fundamental Signs occupy the House of Trips and there is no doubt that you will make many trips during your lifetime, because the fundamental signs not only give a love for change and movement but, As well as travel opportunities. Under certain "directions" you will have to make changes and attempt trips and these will prove to be more or less profitable, depending on the nature of the influence that will work at that time. It is wise to try to discover the position and the views of the moon before you start any important journey, because many will depend on the lunar orbit and its situations, regarding the happiness that you will encounter during your journey.

3 House Capricorn at 14°48'38''

There is a chance to be surrounded by a policy environment. You have political goals, grandiose views and a conservative spirit. You have the ability to concentrate deeply on any matter you are concerned with. Your movements are rare but important.

Saturn Ruler of Capricorn

Saturn exerts influence on your horoscope's Third House, will cause obstacles and delays in traveling and traveling. Better be prepared for frustration in relation to travel. You will gain many experiences, which will come through grief or distress about traveling. This position is opposed to your agreement with relatives or siblings and you may be estranged from them or suffer from their actions because their attitude towards you will sometimes be cold and distant. You like the occult and the mystic and you will seek to immerse yourself in those matters that favor psychic things. It gives you the ability to study in depth astrology and related topics. Your mind is serious, exacting, patient and orderly plus you have the ability to concentrate on deep subject matter. With this ability comes a tendency to depression, pessimism, loneliness or despondency. You have organizational ability and are probably conservative and traditional in your thinking. Mathematics and strategy games may appeal to you. Time consuming projects do not bother you. You may feel a bit isolated from siblings and neighbors or they may give you trouble. There may be issues of communication with either. Try to stay optimistic in your thinking and in the meantime simply keep working hard. Your lungs need plenty of oxygen, so try to sleep in a well-ventilated room.

* * *

Base, Home, Seat

Uranus at 4 House

Uranus is influencing your horoscope's Fourth House and suggests that the last part of your life will be somewhat peculiar and eccentric. You will be studying towards the end of your life, for which you had almost no idea in your early years. This position of the planet Uranus is not very favorable because it shows some sudden surprises and unexpected events in the last years of life and you may find yourself in an environment where you will not be able to respond unless you have made great progress in the occult issues . You have some ability to study astrology and related topics. You may experience unsettled home or family conditions. These events usually happen quite unexpectedly, out of the blue. Your family heritage may be eccentric or unusual and family skeletons can appear. This position gives restlessness, perhaps with a desire to move often. Your parent(s) or your relationship with either parent may be unusual, which will affect you emotionally (nerves) for good or otherwise. There will be many changes in your life, including different localities. You desire to remain free from commitments to either a home or a community. You may be unconventional and not interested in how others view you. Later in life, you may develop an interest in astrology or in metaphysics.

Uranus at 26°51'51'' Aquarius

Uranus in Aquarius is in its own sign and you like to turned everything upside down. This position gives good friends and strong political ties. You will also create sudden goals, in an unpredictable time for your environment. You will have significant and favorable changes during your lifetime. You have altruism and you are a person who struggles for moral causes and for release.

Aspects Uranus

3.96 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 4 at 7 **** Mediocre.

Saturn Trine Uranus

Difficult tasks can be completed because of your persistence, endurance, patience and hard work. You combine the best qualities of idealism and practicality. The difficulties you experience in life give you a chance to show your ability to persevere when the going gets tough. Much learning and soul growth can come from these situations. Your ambitions take you on unique, unusual and perhaps even eccentric paths. Unusual people come into your environment to help you experience the things you need to experience to grow and mature. You have the ability to balance your need for personal freedom and your sense of responsibility. With this balance you can accomplish a great deal. Your organizational ability and your ability to work with details help you to succeed and to come through for others. You perhaps need to learn how to relax, though, as your ability to endure extra tension may be too much for your physical body or your nervous system to withstand. This is a vibration that you may not be able to reach during your life. It is a face that endows those who are able to respond to its superior note with clairvoyance or mental capacity known as intercession - but, as pure and sophisticated as your thoughts and feelings become, the more you will come to The awakening of your mental attributes. You can take advantage of concentration and you should also keep your mind free of the objective conditions that bind the soul if you want to do all that this great vibration implies. Whatever it is, this position gives you an amazing combination of originality and practical mind, resulting in a lot of business qualities. You are capable people, you can succeed in life and become very popular.

4 House Aquarius at 17°21'43''

There is a case at the age of quite mature age, creating problems and instability in the home, even divorce. As a result, you need to be hosted by friends, or start romantic trips.

Saturn Ruler of Aquarius

Saturn exerts influence on your horoscope's Fourth House, warns you against excessive attention because you have a tendency to be possessive and impatient to gain wealth, especially as life progresses. You are not overly generous and perhaps over time become rather restrained and closed. Towards the end of your life you are likely to stay alone and not be surrounded by those with whom you feel most attached. This influence always favors the economy and more than any other influence of the horoscope, it will make you able to save and accumulate money - that is why there is no need to advise you to take care of your aging because you tend to be quite Careful in this direction. You are probably conservative and perhaps find security in land or real estate or in old, traditional ways, beliefs, things or antiques. You may dislike change because of an unconscious fear of the unknown. You may have a desire to accumulate possessions, for security reasons. There may be many responsibilities and problems in your home or family life. You may be somewhat of a tyrant or strict disciplinarian in your home or with your family. Inner worries may cause ulcers. You may be a caretaker of someone or of your parents, perhaps because of a karmic debt to them. The later part of life can be more rewarding if you learn the lessons life has to teach you in your earlier years. If not, then old age may not be as pleasant.

Uranus Second Ruler of Aquarius

Uranus is influencing your horoscope's Fourth House and suggests that the last part of your life will be somewhat peculiar and eccentric. You will be studying towards the end of your life, for which you had almost no idea in your early years. This position of the planet Uranus is not very favorable because it shows some sudden surprises and unexpected events in the last years of life and you may find yourself in an environment where you will not be able to respond unless you have made great progress in the occult issues . You have some ability to study astrology and related topics. You may experience unsettled home or family conditions. These events usually happen quite unexpectedly, out of the blue. Your family heritage may be eccentric or unusual and family skeletons can appear. This position gives restlessness, perhaps with a desire to move often. Your parent(s) or your relationship with either parent may be unusual, which will affect you emotionally (nerves) for good or otherwise. There will be many changes in your life, including different localities. You desire to remain free from commitments to either a home or a community. You may be unconventional and not interested in how others view you. Later in life, you may develop an interest in astrology or in metaphysics.

* * *


5 House Pisces at 14°48'38''

Love for you may need sacrifices to keep - can one of two live off for some reason (navy), resulting in disappointments. Unless there is deep spiritual communication between you. This position causes the mystery and the unknown in erotic matters. You may have some poetic tendencies and write beautiful and inspirational poems.

Jupiter Ruler of Pisces

Jupiter has a dominant influence on your horoscope's Fifth House and promises luck and success through speculation, investment, and business, in addition to the real labor for gaining wealth. Under favorable guidelines, you will have great success in speculation and through prudent investment you can eventually accumulate wealth in a variety of ways. You will find great social pleasure and joy in your life and the children will bring you profits and happiness. The Fifth House is the House of Delights and because it is under the influence of Jupiter, all the issues that bring success and enjoyment to your life will go well and all social issues will be satisfactory. Many opportunities for romance, dating, and activities involving children or teaching will probably come your way. You are optimistic and enjoy passing on your knowledge to those around you. You have creative ability which can bring success and happiness. There is a strong desire to make significant contributions through your creative self-expression. Children, which may be plentiful, can be a source of pleasure or over-indulgence. Guard against rash gambling and speculation. Love: In erotic matters, you do not seem to be the model of faith in your relationships and that is why you will have many erotic adventures in your life. You tend to idealize your partner, but you react rather badly when your choice turns out to be wrong. Have fun with your love stories and you earn a lot of things, ensuring emotional security and feeling affluent and creative. You make sure your mate goes well and you care for his fun, but you have to pay attention to the unreasonable waste and the gust of gambling.

Neptune Second Ruler of Pisces

Neptune rules the Fifth House of your horoscope, she, in many ways, is a rather peculiar influence. As for speculation and investment, you should be very careful, because you may come in contact with various kinds of liars and scammers. In matters of the heart, your pursuits will be influenced according to the purity of your life. But, because nothing definitive is yet known about the planet Neptune, we can not say how its influence will develop in this position. When you can respond to its superior faces, you will come in contact with those who, thanks to your sympathy, will help you. But if you ever get seduced by inferior sensations, you will suffer from degradation. You are artistic and creative. You have a flare for the dramatic and perhaps love being "on stage". You like playing the role of the entertainer. Chaotic love affairs with much confusion can be experienced or love affairs just seem to dissolve for no particular reason. In matters of love you can be the hopeless romantic or the one who is constantly looking for that white knight or princess to sweep you off your feet. Idealism is fine, but don't lose your practicality or let your imagination run away with you. Your children may be unusual. Perhaps they require some special care. Great sacrifices can be made for children and love interests, but little may be gained in return. Love: The person who has Neptune in the fifth house is a desperate romantic. The eternal love, the unfailing fan of love. Deep in his soul, this man holds the archetypes for romanticized Romance and Juliet. The problem with these "fairy-tale" and lusty people is that their exaggeration and tendency to build in their imagination an ideal image for the person they relate to leads them to tragic erotic situations that end very badly and their They hurt deeply. A problem that takes enormous dimensions when Neptune is unable in the horoscope, a planetary effect that does not allow the individual to admit that the relationship he has created is not the only relationship that has all the elements of fairy tales. The unlimited imagination that Neptune gives to the fifth, makes these people believe that utopia has a place in reality, and they think that they have managed to find the partner that guarantees them the love that only death can destroy. But naturally a relationship is staggered and in order to be maintained, individuals must begin to solve the problems they present in their effort to build up their bond. Sometimes, these people, instead of solving the problems they already have, create even more and do not let the relationship grow smoothly. They have the illusion that a perfect love should be painful. If you have this planetary position on your map or if you have gotten involved with this type, you have to make a decision that it is necessary to use the power of Saturn to land. A positive way to take advantage of the power of Saturn is to use the imagination and artistic abilities of Neptune in the fifth, generously, in order to engage in cinema, theater and art in general, relieving the tendency to flee, from The reality in utopia, creatively, in a space where everything is allowed, without harming your personal life.

* * *

Diseases - Work

Moon at 6 House

The Moon rules the disease house and suggests problems rather than functional rather than organic diseases. You have to be very careful about the diet because many of your problems will come from dyspepsia or stomach diseases. Never drink plenty of liquids, or get drunk in many bathrooms - especially avoiding the many starchy foods and ghastly substances. It may cause illnesses due to travel or excessive changes, but especially due to unclear magnetism and unhealthy environment. Therefore, make sure you have the fresh air and those you relate to, have a pure magnetism. When the Moon rules the sixth house, it tends to create tumors, etc. You are considerate of fellow workers and desire to nurture them in a productive work environment. Service to others is a fine outlet for your personality. Moodiness and sensitivity can be a problem, though. Fluctuations in health are possible, perhaps mostly due to worry and feelings of insecurity. Emotional tension along with digestive troubles indicate the need to relax. Stop worrying. You should not eat when overworked, overtired, or when you are upset. Take care of your health and watch your diet. Concerning vocation: You are probably totally absorbed within your work situation. You can be a workaholic. Many job changes are possible and working with the public or with women is indicated.

Pluto at 6 House

Great personal transformations can occur because of your work or your workplace environment. You may have the desire to become involved in workplace issues or labor union goings-on. You strive for cooperation and thoroughness in your work habits and you can be a hard taskmaster for fellow employees or for the workers under your command. Guard against trying to be too controlling of how they work. You have the ability to work long hours on nervous energy until your body cannot take any more. You enjoy troubleshooting and solving problems that others cannot solve. Detective work on the job is fun for you. You have the ability to encourage people to discuss deep-seated problems and then analyze the problems logically. There may be an interest in healing. You could be a channel for healing or you might simply be a hypochondriac. You are apt to unconsciously project criticalness to fellow workers without speaking. There may be difficulties through infectious, deep-seated diseases or problems in the colon area. There is a possibility that your work may be tedious and oppressive says this aspect and perhaps cause illnesses because of it. Surely there will be ways to fix it if you seek it, changing your job.

6 House Aries at 12°15'33''

Your job requires strength, excitement or impulse to watch accidents inadvertently. You want to be a boss at your job.

Mars Ruler of Aries

Mars exerts influence on the Sixth House, suggests problems from extravagance and shows that the muscular system has weakened in some way - and to be strengthened, the mind must be soundly used. You must be too careful in your habits, because you will have a tendency to feverish problems and inflammation, with some risk of surgery, accidents and violent illnesses. You are industrious, efficient, tireless, dynamic and active in work. You may have a tendency towards irritation and impatience with co- workers and employees who lack these qualities. You are mechanically minded with good vitality and strong recuperative powers. You tend to run fevers, perhaps higher than normal, when ill. There is a danger of burns, scalds, and accidents sustained in the course of work or employment. Many of these may happen because of impulse, haste, and impatience.

* * *

Marriage - Partnerships

Venus Sagittarius

Venus in Sagittarius suggests that you will get married more than once because it gives you a clear tendency to survive your marriage and get married again. You will experience some strange events in relation to your sexual affairs and you may find your partner during a trip or while you are on a trip. You may be involved in an erotic relationship with a relative or a person of another nationality and you will have many experiences that will affect your feelings during your life. But marriage will be good for you, promising success and rising from your union with socially superior people. Marriage: You are the person whose ideology leads you to have many demands from your relationships. When you feel that a relationship does not cover you, use the next one without making a great effort to discover the boundaries of the former. So, your relationships are not stable. Wedding for you is not a necessary element for your happiness. Rather, it is a responsibility that you would rather not take, since your liberal spirit and your versatility do not offer many guarantees that you will try to maintain your relationship. However, you tend to do more than one marriage. You need to be careful because your emotional decisions are very fast and your enthusiasm does not allow you to examine all the data of a situation. The issue of marriage would be good to avoid such mistakes.

Venus at 2 House

You are a person who knows how to show his feelings and feel the feelings of the other. You are very faithful people and the devotion you can show to your mate has no limits. Wedding for you is a very important decision and, for your character, a prerequisite for getting married is to solve the financial problems and to feel confident that you will be able to do it with the practical part of life.

Sun in double sign

This suggests that you may get married twice or have two relationships before you come to a final decision because this influence favors association with others rather than wanting to live Alone and free from family ties. You have the right nature that allows you to love and appreciate family life and I think you will be happier if you get married than if you stay alone. When the Sun is in a "double" sign and there are no other clues about the subject of marriage beyond it then it is likely that a dual experience is necessary for the progress of the soul so that in some way you can become acquainted with the marriage Life in two distinct phases.

7 House Taurus at 09°42'29''

Your wedding can bring you financial benefits. The other half will be beautiful but rude and jealous.

Venus Ruler of Taurus

Venus has a basic influence on your horoscope's Seventh House, the Wedding House. This is a very lucky marker and promises a companion who, not only is happy and good, but also, is a person who will bring luck in your life, designed to help you financially and socially. Your marriage will be happy and all your relationships after the wedding will be harmonious and tranquil. Venus is the planet that rules all erotic affairs and tends to improve life according to the House that governs it. It will make your union fruitful and all children will bring blessing, greater joy, happiness and happiness. You are charming, sociable and friendly and it is easy for people to see your loving nature. Partnerships are generally happy and harmonious. But your desire for peace and harmony at all costs may be detrimental to you if you do not stand up for your own needs. You desire a spouse who is attractive and probably well off financially. Creature comforts and enjoying them with your partner are desired. Take care that you do not get in the habit of expecting too much from others, though. You have a deep appreciation of the value of relationships. Too great an emphasis on affection might cause problems for you. A desire for the perfect relationship may be so strong that any imperfections in your relationship could be blown up beyond proportion. Balance and poise are necessary. You seek a partner that can supply you with "the good life". You want beauty, luxury and the finer things in life and you seek a partner who can provide these. Perhaps marriage will bring you to a higher station in life. Over-indulgence and over-emphasizing the sensual side of life can lead to problems. You must have a partner you feel is cooperative rather than competitive. If Venus is aspected poorly in your chart, then perhaps your partner's moral standards are subject to question.

* * *

Bequests - Sex - Rebirth

8 House Gemini at 12°15'33''

Watch out for your breathing arteries.

Mercury Ruler of Gemini

There is a slight indication of profit from a will or beast at some point in your life. This position favors profits through associates or associates, but nothing definitive can be said of a horoscope when Mercury rules the eighth house in terms of the goods of the dead because of the overly variable nature of this planet. You may be dealing with money that has left you or act as an agent, performer or manager of another at some point in your life and make money from it. You have talent for analysis, research, insight, tax preparation, insurance and perhaps detective work. You want to get to the bottom of who, what, where and why. You are a born investigator. You may tend to worry over fluctuating finances. Watch a tendency to gossip about others. Your mind may be preoccupied with death, sex, healing, magic or psychic phenomena. SEX: You show a spiritual approach to sex or a mood for speech that will extend too much on this subject. You love to talk "dirty" during love. Mercury is a spiritual but also a communicative planet and is not an indicator of emotionality.

* * *

Religion - Philosophy - Long Trips

Jupiter at 9 House

Jupiter has a basic influence on your horoscope's Ninth House, the House of Science, Philosophy and Religion, is an influence that directs you to philosophy and religion in the broadest sense. You will not be as scientific, philosophical or artistic as you tend to accept more general outlines despite the limited and precise details of the upper mind. You will succeed in foreign countries and you may win somehow through foreign affairs. This influence favors all legal affairs as well as religious issues in general. It gives you some prophetic tendencies and the ability to dream with precision and to pass your dreams to the natural brain. Watch your dreams. You are optimistic, tolerant, broad-minded, considerate and maybe a little bit fanatical. You may be prophetic, having strong intuition, good judgment and vivid dreams. You may be interested in law, religion and philosophies. You have the ability to guide and inspire others as to what the future might bring and to promote your own thoughts, ideas and ideals. You may benefit from travels and dealings with foreigners. Your accomplishments may not be recognized until the latter part of your life. On the negative side you may be quite dogmatic in your beliefs. Some experience a total absence of faith.

Jupiter R at 14°44'01'' Cancer

You are loving, peaceful, friendly, sociable, sympathetic and probably very patriotic. You have a most vivid imagination and have many Utopian dreams. There is probably interest in mystical things. You have good financial judgment, especially in real estate, with the ability to accumulate money and possessions, especially after mid- life. Much help is received from the parents. You may have weight problems, especially later in life because you do enjoy the delicacies of the dinner table. Your full potential may not be reached until middle or later life. There may be a tendency towards stinginess, holding on too long to memories and possessions. You may be a pack- rat. Maudlin sentimentality and over-emotionalism may also be problems for you. This strengthens imagination and insight and gives you some tendency towards art. It is a favorable place for family life, it gives peace and harmony at home, it indicates a bond between you and your parents and gives happiness and prosperity. It can bring you some inheritance from parents, possibly the mother or her family. You may be making some trips, possibly by sea, or perhaps following a profession that involves travel. You can benefit by acquiring houses or land, or by professions related to them. You have talent in choosing furniture and decorating the home and you like the beauty and finesse at home. Understand the architecture and you may be able to do it. It will pull you to the mental or occult side of things or perhaps give you the ability to develop a mental attribute.

9 House Cancer at 14°48'38''

You have a sense of history and past and your philosophy is fruitful. Probably many of your trips are made by boat.

Moon Ruler of Cancer

You will be attracted to superior life, and although you may have peculiar views on religion, at the same time, you will be honest and enthusiastic about all the issues involved in higher thought. It is not very difficult for you to change your views on any religious beliefs you may have and in this way, get rid of orthodoxy or limit your religious feelings. You can become overly philosophical because you tend to adopt broad opinions and the mind means more to you than the senses. You are a dreamer and muse often about the higher aspects of life. Since you may not be content with the way your life currently is going, you have the desire to search for fresh fields. This search may take you on many long travels, both physically and mentally. Security may be found in a religious or philosophical ideal. Your philosophy of life is what nurtures you and gives you security. You have a variety of interests, in sports, hobbies and studies. You make a stimulating teacher because of your personal interest in the subjects you teach. They are really a part of you and that comes across to those who listen to you. You may have precognitive dreams. Concerning vocation: the emphasis is placed upon the higher mind, the dimensions of philosophy, public mores, religion, law or sharing the reasoning of the public. Issues regarding foreign travel, relocation, even citizenship change are important dimensions to consider in the quest for work conditions that will bring personal success.

* * *

Career - Public Image

Stable Sign in beginning of 10 House

Fixed Signs have a great influence on your profession or occupation, because these signs are dominant in your horoscope. In this case, we advise you not to change your profession or occupation very often. You will have the greatest success in government positions, or in those activities where the actions are directed towards stable and unchanging occupations. Stable signs favor the medical profession and jobs where skill and regularity are needed; also a firm business and something that if not quite usual is well established and not at all original or new. That is why it will be better for you to deal with old and established professions, which are recognized as legitimate ways to earn a living.

10 House Leo at 17°21'43''

Make your career a prestigious and wonderful way, leading to prices. You have the skills to distinguish yourself, but love can affect you. You have skills for education, politics, arts, fashion, theater.

Aspects Midheaven

1.39 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 6 at 7 ****** Very Strong.

Mercury Square Midheaven

This aspect strengthens your writing skills. Good place for salespeople or anything to do with public speaking. Also for travel agents, flight attendants, pilots, even taxi drivers. One of the two parents was probably very talkative or moving frequently from place to place.

1.78 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 6 at 7 ****** Very Strong.

Moon Trine Midheaven

This position increases the likelihood that you or what you do to appear in front of the audience. In particular, the Moon governs careers about everything that has to do with hotels, restaurants, dairy products and real estate agencies. But generally it is a good place for any career related to the public.

4.33 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 3 at 7 *** Weak.

Venus Trine Midheaven

This position shows an arts career. Painting, music, art vendors. Also a good place for jobs requiring sociability, such as the public sector and even designers and developers.

4.39 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 3 at 7 *** Weak.

Pluto Trine Midheaven

This position is good for any career related to death or rehabilitation, medicine and psychotherapy, working in demolition companies. Careers who need power are also good. Good place also for those who handle money from others like stock brokers, etc.

4.41 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 3 at 7 *** Weak.

Mars Trine Midheaven

It provides for careers related to action, conflict, such as dealing with army, police, or sports. Also for any job that has a lot of action.

Sun Ruler of Leo

The Sun is influencing the 10th House and especially on the issues related to your occupations in life. This is very favorable, but many will depend on the opportunities you will have to reach the height of the Sun and what it implies. You can judge this from the sunspots and from the sign that the sun occupies at birth. Your individuality and true character relate to all the activities in your life that you are interested in, but in the general sense, you are better suited to be the boss of yourself and not to be employees of others unless you are Government position, which would be best in your case, because you can exercise power. You may have a desire to attain success and power for the benefit of others or to seek success and power for yourself without thought of anyone else. You want to shine and be recognized for your accomplishments. You want to be really good at something. There is strong motivation towards succeeding in a career and or personal achievements. You have the ability to inspire others through your example. You are ambitious and self-aggrandizement is possible. People in high places can help or hinder your career.

* * *

Friends - Hopes

Earth Sign in beginning of 11 House

Earth Triplet has a major influence on your horoscope's Eleventh House, giving you some very practical and steady friendships. Your friends will be among people who have fully developed common sense and whose business principles will benefit you greatly because you tend to sometimes rely on the help of others. Simple acquaintances are not as favorable as stable friendships, and you should avoid the interests and materialistic individuals whose effect on you has a debilitating effect, making you feel a lack that they will be unable to cover. Follow Edward Yag's advice: "Judge before friendship, then trust to death." Rich people and people who hold positions or have come to life will become your best and most stable friends.

11 House Virgo at 14°48'38''

You have friendships with people of lower class than you, like servants, employees, etc. Which make your life easier. You understand and support them.

Mercury Ruler of Virgo

You are likely to have a lot of acquaintances, but, just a few friends with the true meaning of the word. Some of your acquaintances may be your friends, but it's good to be on the lookout for dishonesty and deception. You may have friendships with resourceful people and those associated with literary work, they may be your best and most sincere friends, but be careful in all your dealings with your acquaintances, until you are absolutely sure of who they are. You have an original, comprehensive, adaptable and intellectual mind. Your goals are obtained through the use of your mind. You choose friends who stimulate your mind, perhaps younger friends. You find it stimulating to converse with those friends who share opposing views. You could be the spokesman or secretary for your favorite group or organization.

* * *


Saturn at 12 House

Saturn is so positioned to have a major influence on all the occult issues in your horoscope, and you may be the cause of your self-destruction and perhaps enter into occult life through perseverance, patience, and foresight. But you can also experience sorrow, difficulty and delay with regard to occult life. However, whatever you achieve will be permanent, so the difficulties will simply make you build for the future on a very solid and solid basis. In many ways, you are drawn to the secret and the occult, and you are able to undertake the study of astrology and related topics, but use caution in the occult subjects. You have the potential to develop strong inner discipline and sensitivity. There can be feelings of fear, doubt and a lack of confidence in yourself. There may be an unconscious desire to make restitution for wrongs committed in previous lives. Thus, you may feel fated and desire to retreat from society. A strong inner discipline gives you the ability to repay your past life debts, though. Your present path may involve serving mankind in some manner. Chronic health problems can be experienced if subconscious fears are not brought out into the open. There is a love of solitude. Work may be behind the scenes or it may involve an occupation where you do not come into contact with the general public.

Saturn at 00°49'57'' Scorpio

You can be very self-disciplined. You have executive ability and are perceptive and extremely capable. You may have psychic ability. People may find you difficult to understand because of your reserved exterior and secretiveness. Your mind may be mechanically oriented and you are resourceful, even under the most adverse circumstances, patient and persistent. The action and energy of Mars is combined with the forethought of Saturn in a most wonderful combination. Whatever you do is done with intensity. On the negative side, though, there is danger of stubbornness, revenge, lack of forgiveness, resentment, and ruthlessness. Tendencies to grub for money and prestige can cause harm. There can be health problems with constipation or hemorrhoids. There is a need to transform your desires. You need to learn when and how to let go. This also applies to eliminative bodily functions. Holding onto anger can cause stones to develop in the gall bladder or kidneys. This will increase the will and power of the character, as well as the love for you for strength and power, creating within you an indulgence towards opposition and limitation. It gives you a character violent, strong and hectic, unless it is offset by good influences. Your tendency is rather critical. It damages your honor and reputation and may create a bad reputation. Sometimes there is the threat of falling and collapse. It is not conducive to occultism, but it will give you some power in all things that are secret, hidden, occult and mystical. You will tend to become overly cautious and restrained, and you should avoid pride and jealousy because these are the two greatest dangers of your life.

12 House Libra at 12°15'33''

You may experience difficulties with justice, trials and divorce.

Venus Ruler of Libra

Venus is largely related to the growth or progress you make in occult life. It promises you profit, joy and satisfaction in relation to all psychic and occult issues. Indeed, when you reach that stage of development where its influence can work, you will gain the greatest happiness and satisfaction from the occult and secret issues and you will tend to be interested, if not deep, at least not superficially, for issues Related to other fields, worlds and states of consciousness. You are likely to be introduced to the occult side of life through the influence of others - but, you are more insightful than studying in the occult and it will be something easy for you. Your love of solitude and being your own best company may cause you to want to retreat from society. Pleasures are enjoyed in secret or behind the scenes. Clandestine relationships are possible. Self- indulgence through drink, drugs or sex can bring on self-undoing. There is a strong sense of compassion and a willingness to help and serve others. You may be a sucker for a good sob story. Success by social standards is unimportant to you. You want an understanding of the meaning of life. There is a tendency to keep relationships with the opposite sex a secret. You seldom reveal your innermost feelings. This position usually gives an interest in psychic or occult subjects.

* * *

Personal Color - Aura

Moon at 15°34'35'' Aries

Your personal aura is painted by an open red or purple and pink hue. This will make you look at the world through pink glasses, making your personal attitude more telescopic than tiny. So you have to make some of your ideals more practical and stable than you want, otherwise you may become adventurous, speculative and sometimes over-intellectual and imaginative. This position makes you bold, with great enthusiasm, capable of organizing, planning and planning so that you will never feel embarrassed because you have not taken advantage of an opportunity that was on your way during your present life. For you the will color all the things more or less red and this will give you the hope and the energy needed to make your plans.

* * *


Results of Aspects

Conjunction 2 X Power = 7
Sextile 2 X Power = 4
Square 4 X Power = 26
Trine 11 X Power = 39
Opposition 0 X Power = 0

In your horoscope we found these aspects:

13 Positives with sum Power 43
4 Negatives with sum Power 26
2 Conjunctions and Inconjunct with sum Power 7

With these facts we can say that,

You have a favorable horoscope and you will find opportunities to develop your character and wisely use your cognitive abilities. You will gain by studying your horoscope because you have the ability to benefit from the good influences that were working at your birth, and your planetary positions give some power to the world, which is no less powerful because it may not be obvious or public . The judgment was made as clear as possible and you should study well what has been said, so that you can grasp the inner meaning that may exist in each paragraph, remembering that the whole analysis is given in order to help you in your progress. (The following is a brief judgment of all the combinations suggested by the horoscope).


Planets Positions

Majority of Planets Below the Horizon

The last few years of your life will be more successful. There are many things hidden inside you, which you can not fully express and you will not have many opportunities in life to improve your position, so you should take advantage of every opportunity presented to you. You will achieve better if you work with others and with constant perseverance, rather than with great demonstration and adventure, and I think it will be better if you let others take the responsibility, rather than if you do. You work best unnoticed and unknown. There is more inside of you than you suspect.

Majority of Planets in Fire Signs

You have a very lively and idealistic - with great reserves of power and energy, integrated, rich and generous nature, full of vitality and enthusiasm, as well as optimistic and energetic. You have deep feelings, you can love warmly, show great passion and you never miss the spirit. Love of heroic acts and intensity of purpose is one of the most prominent features of your character and attitude. You always give a great deal of yourself to everything you do and feel, but you should avoid impulse or recklessness and always think carefully before you talk or do.

Majority of Planets in Fixed Signs

You have stability, reliability and patience. Sometimes you are very stable and rigid, and if that goes to exaggeration, you will become dogmatic or even pessimistic. But in the general sense, you have confidence and some independence, because on the basis of your character there is pride and dignity, because, although you may not be ready to admit it, you can be strict and in some ways authoritarian. However, thanks to your feelings, of which you have abundantly, you are polite, persistent, sure and trustworthy.

Sun in Fire Sign - Moon in Fire Sign

There is no difference between your inner self and your external attitude. What you are showing to others is exactly what you are. What you say, believe them.

Sun in Mutable Sign - Moon in Cardinal Sign

You have a great desire for reputation and recognition, but you often lack the necessary internal motivation that enables you to promote your various plans and aspirations. You should not let yourself be moody or individually very uncertain. Try to remember that during this life you are weaving the web of future destiny and that, although you may not be able to do everything you plan in this life, in the future ahead of you, you will have the opportunity to reap Everything you've been spraying up to now. Your nature seems to be inwardly serene, while on the surface you are overactive and somewhat hastily. However, you will learn much more through your external activity than through internal conditions, which tend to be very uncertain to rely on them.


Here ends the first and most important part of the basic analysis of your natal horoscope. In the preceding paragraphs, I managed to offer you a purely scientific analysis of your horoscope. Up to the point where the general knowledge of Contemporary Astrology has brought us to date, you have on the pages that preceded the experience of a great spirit of astrology, Alan Lios, combined with my many years of experience, research and quest. The judgment given to you is based solely on the laws of astrology as it has been taught us since antiquity to this day.

Here is a description of the secondary elements of your natal horoscope and it is a collection of various ancient and new sources of astrology. Their role and their relationship with you are presented to you here more as a trigger for more deepening when you first understand all the above and the main elements that make up your birth horoscope and would like to be deeply involved in astrology.

* * *

More Informations

Positions and Aspects of Asteroids

Chiron R at 05°29'55'' Gemini

You may be talking in the middle or rarely. Obviously no one gave you any importance when you spoke as a child about it and now you are talking very little.

Chiron at 7 House Marriage - Partnerships

You always help and spend a lot of time for your comrades who may have a problem. You also give extraordinary marriage advice, even if you may not be married, or if you are, your marriage is not in the best possible condition. You do well in business as a partner and you can give professional advice to others.

Aspects Chiron

2.06 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 5 at 7 ***** Strong.

Sun Opposition Chiron

You have a heightened sensitivity when someone criticizes any kind for you. Learn to take things as they are, without feeling that they are attacking you or hate you all.

3.86 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 4 at 7 **** Mediocre.

Neptune Trine Chiron

You have creative imagination and realistic use. Your intuition is working properly and helps you avoid the pitfalls.

Ceres at 11°46'36'' Capricorn

You are pleased to organize and control the situations around you. Perhaps the early upbringing you received was not enough, and even if your parents were wealthy, they thought they should not "groan you", now how they meant these peculiarities is another matter ... Whatever the way you Tell others that you care for them is to make them feel that everything has been arranged and organized perfectly. But you need to give some more human care to your perfectly organized system.

Ceres at 3 House Communications, Short Journeys

You may have received more care and upbringing during your childhood than your siblings or sisters, or even your neighbors, rather than your parents. Or otherwise, it may have been you who cared for your younger siblings. Your words tend to care for others. This is a good place for a therapist or a counselor.

Aspects Ceres

1.18 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 6 at 7 ****** Very Strong.

Pluto Square Ceres

Probably in your childhood your parents, you were asked to do something first for them to look after you and show you affection. So too in your turn ask others, even your children if you have to do something for you, before dealing with them. But this is not the right way. He is selfish and compulsive way.

2.95 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 5 at 7 ***** Strong.

Jupiter Opposition Ceres

This aspect shows that have excessive affection and care of your parents when you were little and usually not the kind of care that you really need at that time, but what your parents think proper to give. Growing up and you turn you want to provide excessive care to others, whether they want to or not and without even suspect or wondering what kind of care they want - if they want - other than you. That's because you think you understand better what kind of care is needed other than you, than themselves. You can join or start organizations to assert their rights of various categories of people who believe wronged in any way, whether these people want not.

3.79 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 4 at 7 **** Mediocre.

Moon Square Ceres

Early care and affection you received from your mother was not compatible with your emotional needs. For example, you wanted the emotional need, the attention and respect and all you'd get was a lot of food and clothes. You might also be looked after other than your parents, so stay emotionally overdrawn. But it might happen the opposite, ie looking steadily treat you and your bringing up someone else, a demand that can never be satisfied by any amount of care, because there seems to be an emotional void that can never be filled.

6.98 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 1 at 7 * Too much weak.

Mercury Sextile Ceres

This is a good look for a therapist because you take care of others with your words. It is also good for a seller or someone who writes ads.

Pallas Athena at 05°31'15'' Capricorn

Have a good ability to shape spaces, things, and situations to make them more effective. You certainly like to deal with practical problems.

Pallas Athena at 2 House Money, Property

You have the ability to skillfully manage your money and possessions as well as anticipate financial fluctuations in the market. However, there is also the possibility that you are a type of money that is not the ultimate value for you and a simple life. The sure thing is that even if you have few possessions you manage them very well and properly.

Aspects Pallas Athena

4.68 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 3 at 7 *** Weak.

Saturn Sextile Pallas Athena

Focuses on large-scale problems and projects. But we need enough time to read any solutions and that's because you tend to think in advance of the event failure and afraid of making mistakes in some of your options. Whatever you do with care and always thinking about the practical results of your action.

Juno R at 16°25'03'' Cancer

You need a sensitive spouse who likes to care for you.

Juno at 9 House Religion - Philosophy - Long Trips

You need a companion that you can make together great trips. And "philosophize". Can your mate be born in another state or be very far from where you came from or even from a totally different social strata.

Aspects Juno

0.84 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 7 at 7 ******* Very Powerful.

Moon Square Juno

Comes out liking very emotional guys who love the home life. But it can also be excessively emotional and cried constantly. And it can affect you too and you to become so. Eventually your emotional needs, conflict with those of your partner.

1.68 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 6 at 7 ****** Very Strong.

Jupiter Conjunction Juno

The match will tend to be overly optimistic and smiling. The marriage or relationship can also have the same effect on you. It can make you more optimistic. Be careful not only makes you thick too.

2.34 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 5 at 7 ***** Strong.

Mercury Trine Juno

The match will not be silent. When you marry you should like to discuss with you constantly. And you will make good discussions between you. The communication skills grow with your communication with your mate.

3.45 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 4 at 7 **** Mediocre.

Pluto Square Juno

The match will be intense and fierce. Sex with him would be like the eruption of a volcano. Your relationship will be extreme. One of you will be transformed in some way. Through the relationship you will discover that you have much more courage than heretofore thought you had, but such that it is characterized by dictatorial tendencies and possible trends for strength and power. One of the two will try to dominate over the other. The moods will rotate faster than I love to hate. Even if you split once, this will be the match that will never forget either for good or for bad moments spent together.

Vesta at 20°20'33'' Virgo

You are good at focusing on every task that requires precision and attention to detail.

Vesta at 11 House Friends - Hopes

Tell your friends that you occasionally need some time to stay alone to renew your energy. You also have to stop periodically thinking about the desires you have at all times.

Aspects Vesta

1.35 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 6 at 7 ****** Very Strong.

Venus Square Vesta

You tend to neglect the happiness and the small joys of life and concentrate on your work, or can not get joy nor do your job. You may also use your work to avoid social activities. On the other hand, can not focus solely on the pleasures and social activities and to refuse to work altogether.

1.58 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 6 at 7 ****** Very Strong.

Mercury Sextile Vesta

You have increased ability to focus on discussions and communications and other mental tasks.

5.60 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 2 at 7 ** Very weak.

Jupiter Sextile Vesta

You are able to focus your attention on large-scale operations, especially mentally, philosophical, or religious issues.

North Node R at 28°40'04'' Taurus

You tend to rely heavily on the goods and property of others. You also tend to induce turmoil and turmoil. You have to concentrate your efforts on your rebirth, not to let your life be taken from below. The most important thing for you is to build your own property and cultivate your own value system. Although this is something that everyone has to do, it is especially important for you to grow further.

North Node at 7 House Marriage - Partnerships

The company and collaboration are the keys to you. You may like to do things yourself, but you usually need someone else to finish what you started. And you also have to learn how to handle your differences with others in a peaceful way. If you do not do this, you will blow up many opportunities in the air to achieve what you want.

Lilith at 06°38'30'' Gemini

You have witty and sophisticated sensuality. You may keep an erotic correspondence, or your writing or readings have a touch of eroticism. Maybe you let the logic prevail over your passion and instinctual tendencies, thus neutralizing your sensuality.

Lilith at 7 House Marriage - Partnerships

Feeling of justice, harmony, love, companionship. Flirt and create or break relationships and partnerships. You want to be both committed and free !! Analyze everything with good psychological judgment. You desire from your partner eternal devotion and acceptance on your face.

Part of Fortune at 01°40'07'' Cancer

Your luck is in your home or in your family business. Whether it's a home or an activity you can do in your home, a big or small family business. Thank you very much for working with your own people for a common purpose.

Part of Fortune at 8 House Bequests - Sex - Rebirth

Your engagement with the unknown and hidden, sex, life insurance, spouse's finances, inheritances and death, in all or some of These are areas that your good fortune can thrive.

Vertex at 21°54'10'' Gemini

The top here, like most Gemini needs, is communication. The person is a bit cynical and prefers the harsh truth and realistic handling of things. The person has the need to say it all as it is and without hints. What he says he believes and wants others to understand. Cryphenia and evasion will remove this person from you.

Vertex at 8 House Bequests - Sex - Rebirth

The Top in the Eighth House is the inner need for an absolute union with the other person. Here the person will do everything to have his own at any price. If this is not achieved then he closes himself for fear of being hurt and constructing with his mind the ideal relationship.

* * *

The Degrees of the Zodiac that affect you

Ascendant at 09°42'29'' Scorpio

"A guy wearing a mask like those in the theater." Fate of Preaching. Surveying and Diplomacy. Deep thinking.

Midheaven at 17°21'43'' Leo

"A sparkling mirror that reflects the rays of the sun." Glowing fate. Shining mind, capable of inventing. Greatness.

Sun at 07°33'33'' Sagittarius

"Two men playing cards." Fate of Fortune. Spirit cheerful and social. Successful holdings.

Moon at 15°34'35'' Aries

"A man with a book in his hand, wandering in a forest clearing. The sun shining between the foliage illuminates his face." Passive Beauty Squadron Love for Nature and the Study of Its Laws.

Mercury at 18°45'43'' Scorpio

"A dagger." Fate of Greed. Spirit ready for defense, full of power and vitality.

Venus at 21°41'48'' Sagittarius

"Two crossed arrows." Fate of Wrestling. Spirit challenging. Threat of competition or trial.

Mars at 12°57'06'' Sagittarius

"A great harrow at the prison door." Squadron of Restriction. Nature intended for loneliness or separation. Spirit strong.

Jupiter R at 14°44'01'' Cancer

"A dome on which a throne is placed on it and a dog sleeps on this throne." Squadron Squadron. More luck than value. Unexpected rise.

Saturn at 00°49'57'' Scorpio

"A nomad warrior, armed with a javelin and a rifle." The Force of the Force. The person has various means. Force and wisdom.

Uranus at 26°51'51'' Aquarius

"An imposing mansion surrounded by trees, in a pasture." Squadron of Occupation. Love for the family, nature pleasant and sincere.

Neptune at 01°38'06'' Aquarius

"A book, a diabetes and a hourglass." The Expansion Squadron. Spiritual science that studies the laws of nature and its problems.

Pluto R at 12°57'46'' Aries

"A man on the top of a mountain while the sun sets him on, holds a stick in his right hand and a crown on the left." Reach Squadron. Through pains and hard work you will get to the end of your life in great title and important prices. Supremacy and discrimination come to compensate for a stubborn effort.

Chiron R at 05°29'55'' Gemini

"A woman standing up, holding a book between her hands and a scales." Squadron of Judgment. Crisis impartial, minimal popularity, benefits of a call.

Ceres at 11°46'36'' Capricorn

"A fox that runs in the moonlight." Fate of Katerina. Acidity and cunning, the possibility of exile or expatriation.

Pallas Athena at 05°31'15'' Capricorn

"A heart with a halo." Squadron of Loyalty. Nature loving and dedicated, faithful to her love relationships and acquaintances.

Juno R at 16°25'03'' Cancer

"A dazzling lightning." Skapea's squadron. Nerve power, light source for others, potential reform.

Vesta at 20°20'33'' Virgo

"A man carrying a bag of money in each hand." Squad of Greedy Desire. Wealth, facilities, major holdings.

North Node R at 28°40'04'' Taurus

"A strong man, with a whip in hand, pushing in front of two chained slaves." Squadron of Despotation. Calling the military profession - also the person may be head of an industrial empire.

Lilith at 06°38'30'' Gemini

"A tranquil valley and a lake where a swan swims, a tall mountain in the background." Peace of Peace. Peaceful happiness, spirit of transfiguration and destiny calm.

Part of Fortune at 01°40'07'' Cancer

"A dog standing on a scraped bone - in front of two other dogs hungry by hunger." The Fate of Abuse. Character selfish, refinement and dexterity at the expense of others.

Vertex at 21°54'10'' Gemini

"A young woman lying under a tree while eating food in the birds near her." Fate of Collaboration. Character charming, passionate about poetry and harmony.

East Point at 22°13'49'' Scorpio

"A man who sows contrary to the wind direction." The Scarecrow Squadron. Stupid character and little practical. Difficulties in harvesting.

Part of Spirit at 17°44'50'' Pisces

"A horse and his horse rider falling off a thorn fence." Squadron of Destruction. Adventurous businesses, a passion for horse riding or car racing.

Part of Love at 23°37'45'' Aquarius

"A bent stalk that hangs on it a heavy wheat." The Squad of the Bend. Notable mental abilities but less physical strength.

Part of Destiny at 09°19'21'' Aries

"A man on the horse, alone in the middle of the battlefield where dead and dying are dead." Victory Squadron. Significant character, dangerous fallacies, success in business.

Cupido R at 15°38'52'' Aries

"A man with a book in his hand, wandering in a forest clearing. The sun shining between the foliage illuminates his face." Passive Beauty Squadron Love for Nature and the Study of Its Laws.

Hades at 01°39'58'' Capricorn

"A windmill on the bell towers towards the north." Squadron Squadron. Active but strange efforts. The fate of the person is in the foreign country.

Zeus R at 22°30'57'' Taurus

"A king sitting on a throne, behind him, right, a form of clouds and black." The Fate of the Collapse. Misfortune or bankruptcy in the climax or middle of career.

Kronos at 02°12'22'' Pisces

"The head of a wild boar on a plate." Squadron of the Eythymos Syndymonon. Social, generous and hospitable. Magnanimity.

Apollon R at 08°25'47'' Cancer

"A small village in a fertile valley." Squad of Satisfaction. Prudent fulfillment of great things. Personal trends.

Admetos at 13°12'41'' Aquarius

"A bridge over a river." The Fate of the Collapse. Unforeseeable risks - risk of bankruptcy or other.

Vulkanus R at 20°29'14'' Aries

"A strong, erect man, with a happy look, with his hands outstretched and holding a mug full of wine." Squadron of Rare Consciousness Character hospitable, eager, unassuming and generous. Many friends.

Poseidon R at 15°05'54'' Leo

"A ram standing on a barren rock strikes the ground." Squadron of the Anxiety. Person with amazing performance skills, with enthusiasm and worries. Few riches.

* * *


As the time passes, you have to awaken opportunities that are latent within your horoscope, and depending on your sincerity and ability, you will be able to experience all that your planets imply. You may not recognize all of the previous features, but if your birth time and time are right, each word will match you. Astrologers believe that the Character is Destiny and that during this lifetime we must work to develop our character. In the distant future, we are destined to take an active part in promoting the evolution of the world and for this purpose we must make ourselves fit, for in the end we must become perfect.

* * *


Houses PorphyrySign
109°42'29'' Scorpio
212°15'33'' Sagittarius
314°48'38'' Capricorn
417°21'43'' Aquarius
514°48'38'' Pisces
612°15'33'' Aries
709°42'29'' Taurus
812°15'33'' Gemini
914°48'38'' Cancer
1017°21'43'' Leo
1114°48'38'' Virgo
1212°15'33'' Libra
Planets Sign House
Sun 07°33'33'' Sagittarius2
Moon 15°34'35'' Aries6
Mercury 18°45'43'' Scorpio1
Venus 21°41'48'' Sagittarius2
Mars 12°57'06'' Sagittarius2
Jupiter R 14°44'01'' Cancer9
Saturn 00°49'57'' Scorpio12
Uranus 26°51'51'' Aquarius4
Neptune 01°38'06'' Aquarius3
Pluto R 12°57'46'' Aries6
Asteroids Sign House
Chiron R 05°29'55'' Gemini7
Ceres 11°46'36'' Capricorn3
Pallas Athena 05°31'15'' Capricorn2
Juno R 16°25'03'' Cancer9
Vesta 20°20'33'' Virgo11
Minor Objects Sign House
North Node R 28°40'04'' Taurus7
Lilith 06°38'30'' Gemini7
Part of Fortune 01°40'07'' Cancer8
Vertex 21°54'10'' Gemini8
East Point 22°13'49'' Scorpio1
Ascendant 09°42'29'' Scorpio1
Midheaven 17°21'43'' Leo10
Part of Spirit 17°44'50'' Pisces5
Part of Love 23°37'45'' Aquarius4
Part of Destiny 09°19'21'' Aries6
Uranian Sign House
Cupido R 15°38'52'' Aries6
Hades 01°39'58'' Capricorn2
Zeus R 22°30'57'' Taurus7
Kronos 02°12'22'' Pisces4
Apollon R 08°25'47'' Cancer8
Admetos 13°12'41'' Aquarius4
Vulkanus R 20°29'14'' Aries6
Poseidon R 15°05'54'' Leo10
Fixed Stars Sign House
ACHERNAR 12°58'24'' Pisces5
POLARIS 26°16'30'' Gemini8
ZETA RETICULI 21°21'00'' Pisces5
PLEIADES 28°05'13'' Taurus7
ALDEBERAN 07°29'30'' Gemini8
CAPELLA 19°34'00'' Gemini8
RIGEL 14°32'11'' Gemini8
BELLATRIX 18°39'14'' Gemini8
ALNATH 20°17'02'' Gemini8
ORION 21°10'15'' Gemini8
BETELGEUSE 26°27'29'' Gemini8
MENKALINAN 27°37'12'' Gemini8
MURZIM 04°54'06'' Cancer8
CANOPUS 12°42'21'' Cancer9
ALHENA 06°48'30'' Cancer8
SIRIUS 11°49'13'' Cancer9
ADARA 18°29'04'' Cancer9
WEZEN 21°07'03'' Cancer9
CASTOR 17°57'10'' Cancer9
PROCYON 23°31'11'' Cancer9
POLLUX 20°57'01'' Cancer9
SUHAIL 08°55'17'' Virgo10
AVIOR 20°54'06'' Virgo11
MIAPLACIDUS 29°43'35'' Libra12
ALPHARD 24°59'22'' Leo10
REGULUS 27°32'25'' Leo10
DUBHE 12°53'19'' Leo10
ACRUX 09°35'06'' Scorpio1
GACRUX 04°26'19'' Scorpio12
BECRUX 09°21'24'' Scorpio1
ALIOTH 06°36'04'' Virgo10
SPICA 21°32'22'' Libra12
ALKAID 24°36'24'' Virgo11
AGENA 21°30'01'' Scorpio1
ARCTURUS 21°56'03'' Libra12
RIGEL KENTAURUS 27°24'10'' Scorpio1
ANTARES 07°27'25'' Sagittarius2
SHAULA 22°17'03'' Sagittarius2
SARGAS 23°17'30'' Sagittarius2
KAUS AUSTRALIS 02°46'26'' Capricorn2
VEGA 13°00'03'' Capricorn3
ALTAIR 29°27'04'' Capricorn3
PEACOCK 21°30'21'' Capricorn3
DENEB 03°04'01'' Pisces4
ALNAIR 13°35'24'' Aquarius4
FORMALHAUT 01°32'24'' Pisces4
ANDROMEDA 25°34'12'' Aries6

Retrograde Planets


The retrograde Jupiter shows that you may be somewhat pessimistic and lacking imagination.


The retrograde Pluto shows that you tend to hide from others the great difficulties that can pass on some phases of your life. The positive thing about this is that your enemies will not learn about your problems and will not hurt you anymore. The negative thing is that your friends will not know it and they could help you. If you are confident about your friends and you know they can help you, then it's good not to hide them too.


According to some astrologers, the power of planets that move retrograde to the zodiac significantly weakens their influence, positive or negative.


According to some astrologers, the power of planets that move retrograde to the zodiac significantly weakens their influence, positive or negative.


According to some astrologers, the power of planets that move retrograde to the zodiac significantly weakens their influence, positive or negative.


According to some astrologers, the power of planets that move retrograde to the zodiac significantly weakens their influence, positive or negative.


According to some astrologers, the power of planets that move retrograde to the zodiac significantly weakens their influence, positive or negative.


According to some astrologers, the power of planets that move retrograde to the zodiac significantly weakens their influence, positive or negative.


According to some astrologers, the power of planets that move retrograde to the zodiac significantly weakens their influence, positive or negative.

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