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GIFT: 1 to 5 Years astrological predictions

First Published:
2019-10-09 22:07:36 From: Costas Tolis. Index: Announcements

To sweeten you about the changes to my server and site name! :)

Now all members have another option in their profile (My Account), to receive their own personalized email predictions every morning, even if they have only been members for a month for 9 dollars!

That is, those who subscribe for a month, after a month you won't have access to your astrological services and you will find it difficult to renew your subscription, the remaining 11 months, you will receive day astrological predictions for one person, that you can change from your Account. If for example you are a parent and want to see something for your child tomorrow, you only have to sign in to your Account (even if your subscription expires, your access as a member will never stop unless you request it) and change the name for which the forecasts will be sent. So the next day comes the predictions for the person you have chosen.

Today is the offer, tomorrow may not be ... So click here now to sign up or renew!