Astrology December 2021
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♥ Dating by horoscope! ♥

Read their horoscopes, make compatibility charts and find the one who born for you!

Instructions and User Agreement for Dating

You must be at least 22 years of age or older to use this service.

You are solely responsible for your publications and we are not responsible for the truthfulness of any publication. Therefore, check thoroughly the people who will ask for your personal communication and make sure that some of your own people know that, and even better, have close to you at least during the first meeting, some of your own people.

For everyone's safety, everything is recorded and will be presented, if necessary, for any possible or unlikely conflict resolution, to any public authority that requests it and has the right to request it. But they will also be presented to the affected members, if requested.

Go to Natal Horoscope Quality Edition, choose your person, or whatever person you are authorized to, upload a good photo, optionally but it will help a lot in achieving your goal, and publish your horoscope. Photography must not be vulgar or pornographic, and counterfeiting is subject to the law.

Then if you want, add more information about yourself above your horoscope, as well as this also helps a lot in achieving your goal.

You can delete your post from public view at any time, with a related link, bottom right in each of your posts. However, the relevant files will not be deleted for security reasons explained above.

Expression of interest from other members should be honest, generally describing his or her personality and qualifications and what he / she liked about what he / she read. PROHIBITED: Men Write to Men Looking for Women and Women to Write to Women Looking for Men.