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Transits: Saturn Capricorn Square Uranus Taurus

Read for: Time, Industriousness, Problem, Change, Stability.

Saturn shows endurance. Uranus indicates sudden and unexpected changes. Taurus is practical, cautious, reactive to change, receptive, not easily expressed and possessive. Capricorn is practical, careful, demonstrative, receptive, not easily expressed, prudent, cold and ambitious. In these matters you are prejudiced, agitated, opposed to the conditions, and because of this attitude of yours, you will face many critical situations. Many times you feel remorse, worry, anxiety and despair. Forced separations and moving from place to place are likely to occur due to a karmic debt that must be met. The attitude of the spirit of the mind and the senses is usually such that it tends to create a crisis. Any situation or event caused by this aspect is critical and directs the flow of luck in one direction or another permanently, with more or less permanent results. More